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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hair do you use?

We use quality medium grade 100% Brazilian human hair which lasts for a very long time with adequate care. The naturally dark pieces can be bleached and dyed without issue. The lighter pieces can hold color, be highlighted and dyed darker without issue, though we do not suggest bleaching those pieces. All colored pieces have gone through some form of processing, so we emphasize that you only use professional quality products when customizing.

Are the wigs on your site in stock?

All wigs are made to order, meaning we process them after you place your order.  To be economically efficient, we do not stock wigs, though we do have some in stock for display purposes. We compensate for this by using a processing strategy that makes each delivery fast with an average 7-14 business day processing time. So our customers don't have to wait long! ☻

How long does it take to ship?

It depends on the wig and customization we have to do but we average about 7-14 business days (so don't count weekends and holidays) of processing time.* All shipping is priority and takes appx 1-3 business days to reach your door for U.S. orders. We provide a variety of shipping options for international customers through USPS, including Priority Express.

*Though uncommon, we ask everyone to allow us up to 4 weeks to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

Do you sell toppers?

 Yes! All toppers have silk bases (no lace, no mono top, just silk bases).For now, we are treating toppers like custom orders due to price variances. You can order/request quotes for your topper here. Bear in mind that the cost for toppers, especially for larger bases, will be equal to or greater than our default lace front full wigs.

How do I place a custom order?

 You can submit a custom order request here and we'll send you a quote. Be sure to be very detailed and include a picture of what you want. We will send you a quote and replicate it to the best of our ability! 

How do I "build" a wig?

If you want to tweak any of the wigs on display (add silk top, full lace, rooting, etc.) there are various options and add-ons available in the fields of the product page that allow you to customize the wig to your liking.

What do the color numbers look like?

You'll find on some wigs, you have the option to choose a root color with these options. 

1B: Natural Black

2: Darkest Brown

4: Chocolate Brown

6: Medium Brown

8: Light Brown

Refer to Airy hair blog's color palette guide for a better understanding of what these colors look like.

Are the internet stock photos like the actual wig?

 Yes. Sometimes when we want to display a wig that people haven't bought yet, we use internet stock photos (usually of celebrities lol) as placeholders. These photos will have a disclaimer indicating that we do not own the photos. These wigs are usually discounted for the first people who buy them and will look exactly like the photo.

What are the hair densities?

 The hair densities describe how full the hair is. By default all wigs are 130% density and can be increased with add-ons: 

130% -Light Density

150%-Medium Density(+$30)

180% -Heavy Density ($+50)

Be mindful that wavy and curly hair tends to appear less full at 130% than straight/body wave hair.

What is your return/refund policy?

As our wigs are made to order, all purchases are final. We offer refunds only if products are defective. However, we understand that things happen and want you to be happy. If you email us at miraclestreetwigs@gmail.com, we will try to find a solution that works best for both of us.  Please thoroughly read our return and refund policy before purchasing any wigs.  Additionally, please review our terms of service as well. If you believe you received someone else's wig in error (note: not minor differences, a completely different wig), please email us as well so we can investigate and correct the error.

What are lace front, full lace and silk base caps and what do they look like?


Please click here for a full description of each cap and more details about the different cap constructions. 

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes you can! We plan to hold many giveaways in the future as we grow and following us on all 3 accounts can help increase your chances.

Insta: instragram.com/tressesforless

Twitter: twitter.com/tressesforless

Facebook: facebook/com/tressesforless1

What is Miracle Street Wigs?

Miracle Street Wigs was our old name. We changed it to Tresses For Less to reflect what we're about: providing human hair wigs at low prices to make them more accessible to all. ♥♥♥

What are the cap measurements?


You can view the measurements for our available caps here

Do the caps come with adjustable straps?

Yes. All caps come with adjustable straps and combs to make sure you get the best fit!