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Cap Constructions


Lace Front

Lace front wigs (see left photo) are our default priced wigs. They are hand tied (ventilated) in the front and have wefts sewn in the back. They come with 3 inches of lace in the front for parting (you can request a 6 inch deep part as a custom order). These wigs are great for those who want a more economical full wig, though have limited parting space. Additionally all of our lace fronts are closed wefted caps. 


Full Lace

Full lace wigs (see right photo) are fully hand tied (ventilated) wigs and our personal favorite. They are the most versatile as the hair can be parted in any direction throughout the entire wig cap. To order this type of wig, select "full lace" as an add-on for an additional $75.


Silk Base

Silk bases (see left photo) are not a specific type of wig, but an add-on that can be used for either lace fronts or full lace wigs. These give wearers the most natural-looking scalp appearance and make the hair appear as if it is growing out of the head. Our silk bases are usually 4x4 inches. You can get this for an additional $55. 


Cap Measurements

Be sure to account for how you will wear the wig when taking your measurements. Account for any adjustment needed if you normally wear your wig behind your hairline, on your hairline, in front of your hairline, etc.